Types of Gifts

Gifts may include cash, securities, life insurance policies, and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) that name the Foundation as a beneficiary, as well as mineral interests and real estate gifts. Non-cash gifts will generally be converted to cash as soon as possible after receipt of the gift.

All non-cash gifts must be approved by the Board of Directors to insure that no liability is incurred for the Foundation by their acceptance. 


Cash Gifts: Money, Checks, Credit Cards

The simplest and most direct gift is a gift of cash. Read more

Bequest in a Will or Trust

You could name the Idaho Catholic Foundation in your will. There are many ways of structuring gifts in a will and/or trust. Such bequests can take the following forms: Read more

Charitable Lead Trusts

Your assets would be placed in Trust and the Idaho Catholic Foundation would receive income... Read more

Charitable Remainder Trusts

You can place the assets you wish to donate into a Trust and retain the right to current trust income. Read more

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies can be an effective way of donating to the Idaho Catholic Foundation. If you have existing life insurance that you no longer need... Read more

Matching Gifts

You may be able to take advantage of employer matching gift programs. Many employers will match dollar for dollar... Read more

Marketable Securities

A gift of marketable securities that are otherwise subject to long-term capital gains is often quite advantageous. Under this method, Read more

Other Assets

Whether it's your stamp or coin collection, an antique, your home, or a piece of unused vacation property, you can receive a deduction... Read more

IRA and Retirement Benefit Plans

If you do not have any heirs and want to contribute, one method is to name the Idaho Catholic Foundation as the beneficiary... Read more


Under any of the above methods, you should consult your tax accountant prior to making a donation to determine the optimum benefit to be obtained in your personal situation.

For more information please contact us.





A planned gift is a charitable gift that requires significantly more thought and planning than a simple gift of cash or securities. Planned gifts also include charitable gifts that affect the donor’s estate planning such as bequests in wills, estate designation from a trust, life insurance policies, or retirement accounts. A planned gift could also be a gift of real estate or mineral interests. 

All planned gifts must be approved by the Board of Directors to insure no liability is incurred by the Foundation with the acceptance of the gift. 

Donors of planned gifts are encouraged to consult their attorney and financial advisor prior to making a gift.